HDT tester

HDT tester

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 The ASIAN Apparatus for Temperature of Deflection under Load/Vicat softenibg point apparatus consists of a specimen support, an immersion bath, a set of weights under deflection –measuring device.


For the HDT test the specimen support consists of a two parallel metal supports having rounded edges fixed at a specified distance on an aluminium frame. Load is applied on the test specimen midway between two supports. This block is fitted to the lower end of the vertical rod, which is guided inside a metallic sleeve and is constrained to move without rotating along a vertical axis. The upper end of the vertical rod carries a load carrying plate on which loading weight can be placed to load the test specimen. All the parts are made of aluminium having same co-efficient of linear expansion.


For The Vicat Softening Temperature Apparatus for plastics consists of a metallic frame, which serves as support for the test specimens. The frame is fitted with a bush for supporting a rod carrying a hardened indenting tip at its lower end and a loading platform, near its top to place the weights on. A dial gauge is fitted at the upper end of the frame to measure the movement of the rod.


The immersion bath consists of a double walled reservoir having the  inner walls made from Stainless Steel sheet and outer walls made of mils steel sheet. The space in between the walls is filled with glass wool insulation. The liquid in the bath is heated by means of an immersion heater and the rate of rise of temperature controlled with the help of an electronic voltage regulator. A digital temperature controller is provided to restrict the maximum temperature of the bath.


We will provide the Window based software which give the different measurement parameter and the graph between temperature vs penetration (or deflection). The software have facility to store the data in memory and have the facility to indicate the VSP temperature, HDT temperature the software have the facility to automatically calculate the VSP and HDT temperature. The report can be printout by using proper printer.


The deflection of the specimen is measured with the help of dial gauge.




Distance between supports        :   100 mm

Temperature controller               :   ambient to 300º C X 1º C

Measurement of deflection         :   Dial micrometer of range 0 – 10 X 0.01 mm

Loadings                                         :   By dead weight to give loads from 100 gm to 1600 gm in Step of 10 gm.

Sample Test at a time                   :  1

Temperature controller               :   ambient to 300º C X 1º C




IS: 867 – 1963                   : Method for test for phenolic moulding material - cl. 17