Spring Testers

Spring Testers

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The “ASIAN” Spring Testing Machine provide a relatively inexpensive way for determining the Stiffness, Tension, compression, and deflection of variety of springs. They are based on constant rate of traverse principle in which one end of the test spring is held in a stationary grip, (or place on the compression plate) while the other end is made to move at a known fixed speed with the help of motor, gear boxes and duel screws arrangement. The load exerted on the stationary grip is sensed by a load cell and indicated by a digital load indicator and also indicated with graph on the monitor of the computer. The controller is microprocessor based and has the facility of over load protection, peak hold, and auto calibration. The load directly indicated in kilograms or Newton.


We provide the Window based software which give the different measurement parameter and the graph between load vs elongation or stress vs strain. The software have facility to store the data in memory and have the facility to indicate the break load, yield load elongation at break load and yield load the software have the facility to automatically calculate the yield, tensile strength and compression strength The report can be printout by using proper printer.


            The deflection of the test spring is measured on a digital indicator fixed on the frame of the tester, which indicates the distance between the grips.