Computerized Universal Testing Machine

Computerized Universal Testing Machine

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With the strong support of our team members, we have been able to manufacture, export and supply Computerized Universal Testing Machine. This provided machine is ideal for testing the compressive as well as tensile strength of the materials. Our diligent professionals manufacture this machine using outstanding quality components with the help of modern techniques in tandem with global standards of market. Furthermore, the offered Computerized Universal Testing Machine can be purchased from us at the lowest prices.


  • Corrosion resistance
  • Longer service life
  • Robust structure
  • Authentic operation

Further Details:

The "ASIAN" Universal testing machine give a moderately modest approach to deciding the Tensile, pressure, shear quality and prolongation of mixture of crude materials, for example, elastic, cowhide, fabric, plastics, Belts, wires etcetera. They are taking into account steady rate of navigate guideline in which one end of the test example is held in a stationary hold, (or place on the pressure plate) while the flip side is made to move at a known settled pace with the assistance of engine, two apparatus boxes and duel screws course of action. The heap applied on the stationary grasp is detected by a heap cell and showed by an advanced burden marker furthermore demonstrated with chart on the screen of the PC. The controller is microchip based and has the office of over burden insurance, top hold, stop the machine when the specimen is break and auto adjustment. The heap specifically showed in kilograms or Newton.

We will give the Window based programming which give the distinctive estimation parameter and the diagram between burden versus prolongation or anxiety versus strain. The product have office to store the information in memory and have the office to demonstrate the break burden, yield load stretching at break load and yield stack the product have the office to consequently ascertain the yield, elasticity and pressure quality The report can be printout by utilizing fitting printer.

The extension of the test example is measured on an advanced marker altered on the casing of the analyzer, which shows the separation between the holds.

The variable velocity model rate is change by a handle settled on the board and the pace likewise digitally showed on the control board of the instrument or by basically sorts the rate on the screen of the PC. Diverse model have speeds suitable for testing distinctive materials.

Different inherent wellbeing courses of action, for example, over travel assurance, Are given.

The analyzer is done in painting, powder covering and brilliant chrome/zinc plating to give the contraption a consumption safe completion. It is supplied gone along which electrical. Which incorporate small scale , switches. Push catches, and foremen for sheltered and advantageous operation.

An assortment holding diverse materials are offered as discretionary adornments.






Power required

20000 kg 1 kg least count

Variable 1 to 10 mm/min

25mm to 600mm.

3 Hp, 415, 3 phase induction motor

415 VAC, 3500 W, three phase

10000 kg 1 kg least count

Variable 1 to 10 mm/min

25mm to 600mm.

2 Hp, 415, 3 phase induction motor

415 VAC,2500 W, three phase

5000kg 1 kg least count

Variable 1 to 10 mm/min

25mm to 600mm.

2 Hp,415, 3 phase induction motor

415 VAC, 1500 W, three phase

2000kg 1 kg least count

Variable 1 to 10 mm/min

25mm to 600mm.

1 Hp,415,3 phase induction motor

230 VAC, 1500 W, single phase