Brightness and opacity tester

Brightness and opacity tester

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BRIGHTNESS METER is intended for measuring the Brightness, Opacity and Gloss of the paper.  It is photoelectric measuring instrument, which conforms to the international standards.  Digital readout of the solid state electronic circuit eliminates the possibilities of reading errors and provides high speed operation.

It gives precision measurements with less than ± 0.5 % FS deviation between the instruments.



1.      A digital panel meter for displaying the measured value in percentage.

2.      Measures Brightness, Opacity and Gloss of paper.

3.      Brightness search unit measures traditionally reflectance

4.      450.00 of paper with white surface backing and deep blue gelatin light filter.

5.      Opacity search unit measures directional reflectance 450-00 the paper with black body backing and green light filter.

6.      Gloss search unit measures the gloss of the paper by providing the incident light of 750 on sample paper.

7.      Quartz-tungsten halogen lamp to provide highly stable light source.

8.      Measuring accuracy: = .1% Brightness, opacity or gloss.

9.      Dimension :290 x 250 mm


·       CONNECTION: -

Power supply 220+5% volts, one phase 50 Hz 25 Watts.



TAPPI T519, T525, T534, ISO 2469, 2470, 2471, ISO 9416